Design, consulting and training

Hedya was created to capitalize on the skills of its members in the ICT sector, to carry out design, consulting and development activities for public and private clients. At the same time, it organizes training courses on technological and legal subjects, such as, for example, digital challenges for the public administration.

Some examples:

Engineering and consulting: IoT (Internet of Things) and SIoT (Social IoT) systems; fiber optic networks and wireless networks; systems and networks for environmental monitoring; infomobility systems; video surveillance systems.

The planning activity can be accompanied by the organization and drafting of documents for tenders, works management, testing and support for the RUP.

Training (both for public bodies and professionals): the new GDPR regulations; the figure of the DPO; the figure of the System Administrator; anti-corruption legislation; digitization in the PA. The courses are supervised by the University of Cagliari, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.