Be Right Beach is a social IoT system that provides tourists with information on beaches, and allows administrators to effectively monitor the occupation of the coast, to prevent excessive erosion of the beach.

With a simple app, soon available on the market place, BRB will give indications on the temperature and humidity of the air, on the UV radiation, on the direction and intensity of the wind. Moreover, thanks to a smart buoy, BRB will also provide the measurement of water temperature, pH and turbidity, as well as height, direction and period of the wave.


BRB can be installed anywhere, even in lake areas.

BRB encourages citizens and tourists to become aware of the environmental aspects and the need for optimal conservation of natural resources.

BRB facilitates the planning of activities and actions that underlie the integrated beach management strategy applied by the municipal administration

With BRB tourists can choose the less crowded beach, and on the other hand, local authorities can plan suitable interventions for the protection of the beach and the proper provision and management of services on the coasts.

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